Tirumala - How to book accommodation

1. Login to TTD Accomodation Link

Login using below link

If this doesn't work, accomodation link will be updated in TTD Website

Login to TTD Accomodation Link

2. Login using Mobile Number

Login using mobile number and OTP. Use mobile number that do not have any active booking.

Login using Mobile Number

3. Landing page

Below is the accomodation landing Page

You also can check if you already have accomodation booking with current mobile number from 'Transaction history'

Landing page

4. Select Tirumala

Now select Tirumala from drop-down

Select Tirumala

5. Accommodation date

Select date on which accommodation is required

Accommodation date

6. Select room type

Devotees can select 100rs , 500rs and 1000rs rooms while booking

And room allotment will be random

Select room type

7. Select time slot

Select 6-hour time slot

NOTE: This is the time slot during which you have to do the check-in, and room will be available for 24 hours from check-in time.

Select time slot

8. Select room details

Select Number of days, number of occupants, State of residence and click continue


a) Only 1 room can be booked on one darshan ticket

b) Room will not be allotted for single person

c) Room will not be allotted to unmarried couples

Select room details

9. Proceed to booking

Now click on continue

NOTE: Caution deposit will be refunded in 7 -1 0 days after vacating the room

Proceed to booking

10. Booking limitations

Only 1 room can be booked from one account & on one Aadhar card.

Below are few error messages we see if we try to book multiple rooms from same account/for same Aadhar card

Booking limitations

11. Devotee details

Enter the details of 2 devotees. But a maximum of 6 devotees can adjust in a room.

Devotee details

12. Devotee details (continued)

Enter email, phone number & address and click on continue

Devotee details (continued)

13. Payment

Select a payment method and make the payment


14. Confirmation receipt

Once payment is successful, Accommodation pdf ticket will be generated

Click on ‘Download’ button and save the ticket on to your laptop/mobile.

Confirmation receipt

15. Room Allotment

Below is the room allotment process

Room Allotment

16. Payment issues

Incase of transaction failure, deducted amount will be auto refunded to same account with in 7 - 10 working days

In case of delay, devotees can contact at below email and phone numbers

Payment issues

17. More details about accommodation

Please read more details about accommodation below

More details about accommodation

For further queries please contact us on any of these channels

How to Book Seva Tickets Online

Please follow the instructions here

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