Tirumala Darshan FAQs

Are children and elders allowed for Darshan?

Devotees of all age groups with a valid darshan ticket are allowed for darshan.

Do children need a darshan ticket?

Children below 12 do not require darshan ticket, but needed for children of 12 and above 12

Is Senior Citizen darshan available now?

Senior Citizen/Infant/Handicap darshan are on hold now.

Can we get early darshan than the date mentioned on ticket?

No, devotees will be allowed only on or after the reporting time mentioned on the ticket.

Where should we report at and where is darshan line?

Reporting place will be mentioned on darshan ticket. And there will be personnel to guide.

Is Sarva Darshan open (Free Darshan)?

Free Darshan is not open yet.

Is Footpath Darshan open?

No, Footpath darshan is not open yet.

Can I get Darshan now, with Special Entry Darshan ticket booked during Covid?

Devotees who booked tickets from April 21 till June 30 can get darshan with in 1 year from booking date

What is Virtual Seva. Do we get Darshan on Virtual Seva Ticket?

Virtual seva will be done on behalf of you and can be watched online (SVBC YouTube Channel) or on TV (SVBC Channel). And devotee gets darshan ticket too on this and can get darshan at Tirumala Temple.

How many 300Rs tickets can be booked online per login ID

Maximum 6 tickets can be booked per ID and 2 transactions on a day per login ID.

What if I want to book more than 6 tickets?

Extra tickets can either be booked using another ID or using same ID in 2nd transaction.

What is the dress code for Special Entry Darshan & Sevas?

Men: Dhoti around the waist and shirt/Uttariya(upper cloth) on the shoulder or Pyjama

Female: Saree or half-saree with blouse or Chudidar with Pyjama and upper cloth

How many laddus are provided for one 300Rs ticket?

Details of number of laddus is provided on Darshan Ticket. 1 laddu is provided per 300Rs ticket.

Can devotees who booked tickets during Corona visit Tirumala now?

Devotees who booked tickets between April 21 and June 30 can come for darshan any time in 1 year from booking date

Can any darshan ticket be cancelled?

No, there is no cancellation or rescheduling of confirmed darshan tickets.

What all to be carried for Darshan?

A xerox copy of the ticket, and original ID cards of all devotees as mentioned on the ticket.

What are the available darshan slots for Seeghra Darshan?

Darshan slots are available for every one hour from 8:00 AM till 7:00 PM

Why Darshan tickets are not released on few days of a month?

Those days are reserved for special pujas at the Temple. And darshan for those days will be released 3 days ahead of reserved day.

What is 'Booking for Self' and 'Booking for Others' in ticket booking page?

Booking for Self - Select this if booking for self or for Self + Others

Booking for Others - Select this if booking for others

What are the payment options available during darshan booking?

For now, all credit, debit cards & net banking is allowed via Federal/HDFC payment gateway

What are other darshan options available in TTD website apart from 30Rs tickets?

Virtual Seva tickets (500Rs), SRIVANI Trust donations & other Donor darshan and Darshan on recommendation letters of Andhra Pradesh MLA/MP/EO/Chairman/Board Members.

Where to submit recommendation letters?

Submit at JEO Office at Tirumala before 12 PM for next day VIP darshan. A confirmation message will be received on mobile, post which devotee has to pay 500Rs per ticket and collect them at MBC 34

For further queries please contact us on any of these channels

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