How to Apply For Seva Electronic Dip

1. Login process

Once you click on above link & login, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number for OTP

Login process

2. Electronic dip

Now select electronic dip as circled in the screenshot.

Electronic dip

3. Electronic dip (continue)

Read the instructions and click "Continue"

Electronic dip (continue)

4. Fill details

Fill basic details now to proceed

Fill details

5. Fill details (continued)

Select number of pilgrims (max 2) and fill details

Fill details (continued)

6. Fill details (continued)

Accepted id cards as below:

- Aadhaar card

- Passport (Only for NRIs)

Fill other details and click continue

Fill details (continued)

7. Lucky dip sevas

Below are the arjitha sevas available for devotees in lucky dip.

Lucky dip sevas

8. Select sevas

Click on "Select seva" button as shown in the screenshot

Select sevas

9. Select sevas (continued)

Select sevas for different dates or select all sevas for all dates using checkboxes at the top as shown in the picture.

Select sevas (continued)

10. Select sevas (continued)

Once all the sevas are selected, click "Continue to Review".

Select sevas (continued)

11. Select sevas (continued)

Click on "Confirm & Submit" to submit your entries

Select sevas (continued)

12. Acknowledgement

Once submitted, a success pop-up will appear as below


13. Acknowledgement SMS

And a message also will be received on your mobile

Acknowledgement SMS

14. Lucky dip results

Lucky DIP results will be announced on last day of registration and you can check exact time and date from Menu > Seva Electronic DIP

Lucky dip results

15. Results announcement

After the results are announced, you can check the results by logging into TTD website, from Menu > Seve Electronic DIP

Results announcement

16. Results announcement (continued)

Devotees can also check their results directly on TTD homepage when they are announced. Results will contain selected registered numbers.

Results announcement (continued)

17. Results via SMS

After the results are announced, you will get an SMS on registered mobile

Results via SMS

18. Results from TTD main page

After the results are announced, you can get them from Results PDF on TTD main page, under ‘Latest Updates’

Results from TTD main page

19. Make payment

Login to TTD website, go to Seva Electronic DIP section from Menu and make payment by clicking on ‘Pay Now’ button as below (within prescribed time)

Make payment

20. 2nd Lucky DIP Results

If selected devotees fail to make payment in 1st DIP, those seva tickets will be out under another draw and 2nd lucky DIP results will be announced on TTD website under ‘Latest Updates’ section

2nd Lucky DIP Results

21. Download the Ticket

After making the payment one can download the ticket from Menu > Booking History > Seva electronic DIP

Download the Ticket

22. Reporting Place & Time

Reporting Time & Place is different for different sevas. So please check respective seva tickets and report at prescribed time and place.

Below is a sample Suprabhatam darshan ticket for reference

Reporting Place & Time

For further queries please contact us on any of these channels

How to Book Seva Tickets Online

Please follow the instructions here

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